Session 1 – March 26, 2020 – What Stay Home, Stay Healthy means to you

As everyone adjusts to the new social distancing requirements, ABC of Western Washington asked us to help them to put together a video conference forum, so that local business leaders could maintain their connections with one another now, when we need one another the most. We’re calling it the Remote Weekly Business Forum with ABC and Arcade.

In our first session, we talked about:

  • Order 20-25 and the Construction Guidance Memorandum
  • How do you know if your project is essential?
  • The Families First Coronavirus Act (and we’ll be talking about this more in the next session)
  • The fact the no one needs a pass or registration to be at essential jobsites
  • Screenings and other important steps to take to keep your essential teams healthy
  • Tracking Impacts
  • Ways to help your team out if you can’t afford to pay everyone their full wages right now

Check it out!

Also, for more resources you can check out:

Arcade’s COVID-19 Resource Center

ABC’s COVID-19 Employer and Employee Resources

Register to attend the next session of the Remote Weekly Business Forum

Arcade’s regular podcast, The Critical Path with Mary and Jason

Thank you to Lobo Loco for the use of Helping Hands, the music track at the beginning and end of this episode.

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